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Trust Leumas Security Services LLC With All of Your Security Needs

From private investigations and consulting to armed and unarmed security offers, Leumas Security Services LLC can provide you with anything you need. Our team is prepared to help you protect yourself, your family, your business, your workplace, or a special event. We are based in Newport News, Virginia but we cater to clients nationwide.



Do you have specific needs that must be handled with the utmost care? We are proud to offer personalized solutions, including process servers, security presentations, and speaking engagements.

Private Investigation

There are times when your word is not enough to prove your point. Our private investigative services have helped clients successfully conclude cases involving:

Child Custody and Support Divorce Fraud.


Property Damage and Possession Surveillance

  • Workers’ Compensation  


Public Venues

You name the level of security you need for your event, and we have the officers to handle it.

  • Armed Drivers

  • Armed Guards

  • Commercial Security

  • Plain Clothes Guards

  • Roving Patrol

  • Unarmed Guards 


Few places can have as wide a variety of people, places, and interests as a school at any level, especially high school and college. Working with a wide variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations is second nature to us.



We consider it a sacred trust to keep your family and personal property secure. That also means maintaining your privacy even beyond our working relationship.


We Work With:

  • Banks

  • Celebrities (Musicians/Speakers)

  • Conference Centers

  • Executives and Public Figures

  • Hotels

  • Individuals

  • Pharmacies

  • Restaurants and Retail Outlets

  • Schools, Colleges, and Universities


Do You Have What It Takes To Join A Team Like Ours?

You have got to know WHY a security career is important to you, and if you have the professionalism to be one of the best when it comes to keeping people safe. Do you know? Are you sure?

Let us help you find out.

Take our quick evaluation of your readiness to serve as a security professional here.

Leumas Security Services LLC

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